An Advent Message From the Desk of Pastor Wickware


Give ear, O Shepherd of Israel, you who lead Joseph like a flock! 
You who are enthroned upon the cherubim, shine forth“. – Psalm 80:1

As I reflect upon this particular scripture during this Advent season, my dog Prince comes to mind. Whenever we go for walks, Prince looks to me as sort of a shepherd. In fact, he looks to me as his master and the one who will chart and map the course of our journey, as we walk together. To be sure, the Prince sees me as the one to whom he expectantly awaits each day, to lead him in all the places, we are called to travel.

The Psalm writer in this particular scripture text sees God as a “Shepherd”, who faithfully leads his people.  More importantly, he sees God as the shepherd who sits enthroned in the heavens as “One” who has a bird’s eye view of all things.  Yet at the same time, the writer can confess God remains close enough to safely and successfully lead him ahead in life, amid all the hustle and bustle, the distractions, and even beyond the dead ends, which seemly lead to nowhere.

What I have come to know is this … we too must see God in this same purview. Those who belong to God must learn to look to him as a “Master Shepherd” who shines forth light giving us direction, as we journey along our way in all the various lanes of life.

Even still we must come to see God, like my dog Prince sees me, as “One” who gives proper direction in the journey, as long as we stick together. Let me say every now and then, Prince will often try and take me in another direction attempting sometimes to chase after a bird, squirrel, or some other scent which leads away from the trail we are on.

Yet Advent is a time, in which we are particularly called to remember that God can and will lead us, wherever we need to go, with the light named Jesus Christ.  However, we must be reminded, not to go in another direction apart from God, just to chase after some creature, some venture or some scent that leads us away from God and the trail, God has placed us on.

Our call is to follow the Shepherd, Jesus Christ, whom God has faithfully provided us with to light our path and safely lead us day by day.  Remember … This light … will never … go out!   Nor will it … ever … leave us … alone!   No … matter how tough it gets … (remember my brothers and sisters) follow …………………… the … LIGHT!


Jackie Wickware